The consecration

After the interesting filling ceremony with the very exciting erection of the statue at the end, the solemn consecration followed on August 20, 2017. For all those who want to retrace this or enjoy it retrospectively, here are a few impressions:

Early in the morning the Lamas appear for a first puja. They are amazed and pleased that it worked so well yesterday at the installation. Secretly they had feared that the weight of the filled big statue could lead to big problems. Now they check one last time in daylight if the statue, especially the transition to the head, was made correctly. 

And then the solemn consecration ceremony begins, presided over by Geshe Pema Samten, the spiritual director of the Tibetan Center Hamburg. As with the filling, Geshe Palden Öser from the Tibet Center Hannover, Geshe Rigzin Gyaltsen from the Tibet Center Berlin, Lama Dawa from the TTC Hamburg and Gen Lobsan Choejor from the Tibetan Center Hamburg are also present.

The place where yesterday the Buddha was filled, now serves the lamas as a place for prayers.

Numerous participants crowd close together.

Meanwhile, unaffected by the ritual, a small cross spider spins its web among the azalea bushes.

Magnificent is the view of the European Peace Buddha.

A good 8 months ago Geshe Pema Samten had been the first to greet the still unfinished, unfilled and inside unclean Buddha statue with a prayer, now he can bless him as a full-fledged Buddha.

The Dalai Lama's wish has come true: the second Peace Buddha has been consecrated, now there is also a hopefully peace-making Buddha in Europe.

After the long ceremony, the responsible persons thanked for the impressive event and this incredible gift. 
From left to right: Michael Werbeck, who was mainly responsible for the Peace Buddha project in Bremen's administration and never gave up despite many hurdles, Sylvia Schuchard and Armin Schlüter from the botanika, who prepared and organized this great celebration with incredible dedication, and Holm Triesch, without whom the great variety of Buddhist elements in the botanika would probably not have come about. The fact that this event could take place today is ultimately very much thanks to him.

Now, finally, the visitors also have the opportunity to greet the Buddha in their own way or to enter into dialogue with him.