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Temporary site

This valuable gift of the Dalai Lama for Europe must of course stand in an appropriate room of its own. But for the construction of an own Buddha house so far the funds are missing. Therefore, the Peace Buddha was initially placed in the "Japanese Garden" of the botanika. But the plans and a model for an own Buddha-House are ready and waiting for the realization! 

Optimal location

The plan is to place the Buddha statue in a central location directly at the entrance to the botanika, next to the stupa. The ideal location is the area to the left of the entrance, directly adjacent to the Japanese Garden to the west, and south of the West House, which is used for special exhibitions. The beautiful, protective pavilion for the Peace Buddha can be erected on this area, which is currently used for gardening. This would give the Buddha the preferred view to the east, where he would look into the Japanese Garden in the botanika and thought further towards New Delhi, to India, to the Asian Peace Buddha, 6,000 kilometers away.

The planned building

Unlike in India, the Peace Buddha cannot be placed in the park because the climate here is quite different. In a closed building, the protection of the valuable statue can also be better ensured. 

Therefore, the architect Jan Jakob Schulze of the office SCHULZE PAMPUS ARCHITEKTEN BDA was commissioned to design a suitable building for the protection and appropriate, dignified presentation of the Buddha. The building is to be only modestly framed, but noble enough for the European Peace Buddha.

The plan calls for a simply structured glass building with steel beams supporting the glass walls and the glass gable roof above. This creates a spacious, clearly structured interior. The design blends harmoniously with the adjacent greenhouse landscape. 

The simple interior is not intended to distract visitors from the Buddha itself. To the east, the house is open to the botanika's Japanese Garden, separated only by the koi pond. Thus, visitors to the Peace Buddha have a wide view of the tranquil beauty of the Zen garden, while visitors to the botanika have an impressive view of the statue, which is also reflected in the koi pond. 

The entrance for non-paying guests is provided on the side of the botanika forecourt. The stupa is also located there.

Perfect harmony

With the square space exactly on the axis of the Japanese garden, a harmonious, cohesive image is created that perfectly suits the Peace Buddha and its message. The Buddha is easily accessible yet protected, standing close to the stupa and thus given a prominent location. The Japanese garden, where Buddhist events are often held, such as the scattering of sand mandalas, seminars or even thangka exhibitions, is also significantly enhanced in this way. 

By moving and lowering the koi pool, it gets a completely different, more open dimension: the view from and to the Peace Buddha becomes much more harmonious, free, can flow unhindered.